Midtown Micro’s Email Defender™

Email Defender™ is designed with businesses in mind, with the goal of significantly reducing the amount of unwanted email delivered to your inbox (Viruses and SPAM).
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Virus Removal

Email Defender™ will automatically detect and remove virus infected email before it gets to your inbox. We update our virus definitions hourly for a better chance of stopping newer virus threats.

SPAM Redirection

Our spam “rule” files are automatically updated several times a day. Email Defender™ will automatically detect SPAM email and redirect it to a temporary holding location. By moving suspect SPAM to a temporary location (rather than blindly deleting it) you will avoid accidental loss of legitimate email. Simply visit the temporary location when you have time, quickly review the trapped spam and then hit “delete all”. Just think, with Email Defender™, the next time your Inbox goes “ding,” it will likely be important email!

Email Defender™ is included with all of our hosting packages.

For more information, please click here or call: 1-800-442-2447.